New Books

Pipeline politics : assessing the benefits and harms of energy policy
Finkel, Madelon Lubin, 1949- author.
Fear : Trump in the White House
Woodward, Bob, 1943- author.
The world of Lore : wicked mortals
Mahnke, Aaron, author.
Energy : a human history
Rhodes, Richard, 1937- author.
Taming the sun : innovations to harness solar energy and power the planet
Sivaram, Varun, author.
The heritage : black athletes, a divided America, and the politics of patriotism
Bryant, Howard, 1968- author.
The revolt of the Black athlete
Edwards, Harry, 1942- author.
What the eyes don't see : a story of crisis, resistance, and hope in an American city
Hanna-Attisha, Mona, author.
The poisoned city : Flint's water and the American urban tragedy
Clark, Anna (Anna Leigh), author.
Climate change in human history : prehistory to the present
Lieberman, Benjamin David, 1962- author.
Not that bad : dispatches from rape culture
Plight of the living dead : what the animal kingdom's real-life zombies reveal about nature -- and ourselves
Simon, Matt, author.
The electric century : how the taming of lightning shaped the modern world
Williams, J.B. (Engineer), author.
The prescription drug abuse epidemic : incidence, treatment, prevention, and policy
Bike 18