New Books

Carbon dioxide capture : processes, technology and environmental implications
Caring matters most : the ethical significance of nursing
Lazenby, Mark, author.
Stars & planets : the complete guide to the stars, constellations, and the solar system
Ridpath, Ian, author.
Sacred fury : understanding religious violence
Selengut, Charles, author.
Child's play : sport in kids' worlds
The children money can buy : stories from the frontlines of foster care and adoption
Moody, Anne, author.
Women in the American Revolution
Wike, Sudie Doggett, author.
The history of Venezuela
Tarver Denova, Hollis Micheal, author.
No longer homeless : how the ex-homeless get and stay off the streets
Wagner, David, author.
Fake news and alternative facts : information literacy in a post-truth era
Cooke, Nicole A., author.
Shaping the campus conversation on student learning and experience : activating the results of Assessment in Action
The great stain : witnessing American slavery
Rae, Noel (Noel Martin Douglas), author.
Stormtroopers : a new history of Hitler's Brownshirts
Siemens, Daniel, author.
Jefferson : architect of American liberty
Boles, John B., author.
The dead march : a history of the Mexican-American War
Guardino, Peter, 1963- author.
Television : a biography
Thomson, David, 1941- author.
Storm Lake : a chronicle of change, resilience, and hope from a heartland newspaper
Cullen, Art, author.
The rise and fall of the dinosaurs : a new history of a lost world
Brusatte, Stephen, author.
What happened in the woodshed : the secret lives of battered children and a new profession to protect them
Ricci, Lawrence R., author.
The smallest victims : a history of child maltreatment and child protection in America
Covey, Herbert C., author.